Local Nets & Frequencies

Draper Ham Radio Association (DHRA) Public Safety Net:

  • Thursday at 8:30pm, on 447.100 – repeater, tone 100 hz

City of Draper Emergency District Nets:

Corner Canyon District:

  • Thursday at 9pm on 146.500 MHz simplex
  • Fourth Thursday at 9pm on 447.100 – repeater, tone 100 hz

Crescent View District:

  • day and time TBA; 445.200 MHz simplex

Draper District:

  • 3rd (or 4th) Thursday at 9pm on 445.250 MHz simplex

Eastridge District:

  • Sundays at 9pm on 145.55 MHz simplex

Hidden Valley District:

  • 2nd and 4th Sundays at 9pm on 445.300 MHz simplex

Meadows District:

  • day and time TBA; 445.350 MHz simplex

Mountain Point District:

  • Wednesdays at 7:15pm on 147.50 MHz simplex

River View District:

  • Thursdays at 8:15pm on 445.450 simplex

South Mountain District:

  • Tuesdays at 9pm, on 146.56 MHz simplex

SunCrest District:

  • First Sundays at 8pm on 447.100- 100 hz tone
  • Other Sundays at 8pm on 146.480 simplex

ERC Bishops’ Storehouse Nets:

ERC Sandy:  weekly on Tuesdays at 9pm, 147.52 simplex
ERC Lindon:  weekly on Tuesdays at 8pm. 1st Tuesday is 147.02 simplex; remaining Tuesdays at repeater frequency 147.02, tone 100 hz.
Welfare Square:  2nd Tuesday at 9pm, 145.45-, tone 100 hz. (This may have been discontinued)

Salt Lake County ARES (SLCo ARES) Net:

Every Wednesday, except the 4th Wednesday, at 8:30 pm, at 146.700-, tone 100 Hz.
Monthly “in- person” held 4th Wednesday at 6:30pm at the IHC Employee Service Center at 5245 S. College Dr., Murray, UT. 84123.  Simplex:  147.540  (See http://www.slcoares.net/)

Utah County ARES (UCARES) Net:

Open net on Tuesdays at 2100 hours MST on 147.34 +, tone 100 hz.  On the second Tuesday of each month this net is operated in simplex mode on this same frequency.  All amateurs are welcome to check-in. (See http://ucares.org/)  Many UCARES events and activities are organized through the mailing lists. it is strongly encouraged that you join the UCARES mailing lists, and there are 4 different ones,each for a specific purpose ( http://lists.ucares.org/mailman/listinfo ).


Salt Lake County ARES has produced the latest standard load recommendations as of August 2020. Recommended DHRA channels are also included in this document, as well. Download it by clicking here.

Draper Repeater & SunCrest District   447.10-, tone of 100
Draper Simplex     438.450

Utah County ARES, 147.34+, tone of 100
Utah County ARES “34” Repeater, 147.34+, tone of 141.3
Utah County ARES “28” Repeater, 147.28+, tone of 141.3
Utah County ARES Tertiary Repeater, 145.23-, tone of 131.8
Utah County Info Net 146.76 Simplex
Utah County ARES, 147.34 Simplex

Salt Lake County ARES  146.700-, tone of 100
Salt Lake County ARES Simplex   147.540

LDS ERC, Sandy, Simplex  147.520
LDS Welfare Square / Butterfield Peak   145.450-, tone of 100
LDS ERC, Lindon  147.020 Simplex
LDS ERC, Lindon 147.020+,  tone of 100
LDS ERC, Lindon 145.590  Primary, Simplex
LDS ERC, Lindon 147.520, Alternate Simplex

Lake Mountain Repeater & “76’ers”   146.760-
Farnsworth Peak Repeater 146.620-, tone of 88.5
Butterfield Peak (also Welfare Square)  145.450-, tone of 100
Nelson Peak Repeater   449.425, tone of 100
Herriman Repeater   449.250, tone of 118.8

Corner Canyon District  146.500 Simplex (corrected 26 Jan 2014)
Draper District   146.560 Simplex
Eastridge District   145.770 Simplex
Hidden Valley District   146.580 Simplex (new 20 Feb 2014)
Mountain Point District   147.500 Simplex
River View District   447.100-, tone of 100
South Mountain District   147.480 Simplex
SunCrest District 447.100-, tone of 100

National 2 Meter Simplex Frequency  146.520
National 70 CM Simplex Frequency 446.000

Provo  145.23-, tone of 131.8
BYU   145.33  tone of 100
Weather  162.55  Simplex

2 thoughts on “Local Nets & Frequencies

    • Thank you, Jared. Feel free to join us on our Thursday nite nets at 447.100-, and a PL tone of 100, at 8:30pm except for the 4th Thursdays of the month and not on holidays.

      Mary, KC9APG

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