Licensing & Training

There are several ways to study and test for your Amateur Radio License:

1) Classroom, over a period of time and usually for free
2) Cram and test in one day (test is $14 or $15)
3) Self-Study, via either the internet for free or with professional manuals/flashcards for a price — take the exam later.
4) Exam (cost of $14 or $15)

Exam Sessions in all of Utah

Utah County Classes, Exams & More

Below are links to self-study options:

Self-Study Options for Your First License

Amateur Radio License Materials

And below are links to free, independent study courses online at

These courses are highly recommended by city emergency managers, ARES and RACES, for licensed amateur radios to take to further their emergency response communications skills:

IS-100.B: Introduction to Incident Command System, ICS-100

IS-200.B: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

IS-700.A: National Incident Management System (NIMS) An Introduction

IS-800.B: National Response Framework, An Introduction

Below are some of our Net and Meeting Training items that have been presented in the past:

HT Card Creation Tool (Rev3)

DHRA Net Check-in Call-in Log

Draper Emergency Preparedness Districts Simplex Frequencies

Standard Load Card – with SS (smaller)

_Standard Load – Instructions to New Users

Generally Collected Resources in preparation for Field Day – June 2020


How to Make an HF Field Day Call

Antenna Polarization Net Notes for August 7 2014 by Steve  Decho, KE6FX

ARRL 2014 Field Day — June 28th-29th

Batteries – AGM vs Gell

Decibel Lesson “Making Friends with the Decibel” by Steve Decho, KE6FX – Oct. 9, 2014

Answer to Decibel Lesson Homework Problem assigned on Oct. 9, 2014 by Steve Decho, KE6FX

Flying with an HT by NJ2X

ITU Phonetic Alphabet

Principles of Amateur Radio Net Control

What to Consider and Look For In a Mobile Radio

Vanity Call Signs

Dual-band VHF UHF Roll-Up J-Pole Antenna

Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency DTMF Signaling

Guide to Quickie, Quarter Wave, and Emergency Antennas

A Handbook for Amateur Radio Operators

The RST Reporting System

Ethics and Operating Procedures for the Radio Amateur

Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) or “Moon Bounce”

Fundamentals of Amateur Radio Repeaters (ppt, 4.5 mb)
Fundamentals of Amateur Radio Repeaters (pdf, 1.1 mb)

How to Use Pool Shock to Purify Water by Gaye Levy

HR 4969 — Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 — Net Notes by Steve Decho, KE6FX for July 31, 2014

HR 4969 — Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 — Net Notes by Mary Turton, KC9APG, for August 7, 2014

Reflected Power Net Notes by Steve Decho, KE6FX on 20 Nov 2014

ARRL CW Rookie Round-up, December 21, 2014, by Steve Decho, KE6FX

HF Digital Radio by Stan Gordon K7JIZ

Net Notes for December 18, 2014 NTS Training Item — Steve Decho

National Traffic System — An Introduction — by Greg Szpunar, N2GS, and Dave Struebel, WB2FTX

Types of Emergency Nets

What is SAG? — SAG Communicators and SAG Teams

S.E.N.D. Protocol by John Jacobs, W7DBO

We have had good success with the following antennas, and recommend them:

Harvest Dual Band 144/430MHZ Extendable SMA-Male Antenna
Harvest Dual Band 144/430MHZ Extendable SMA Female Antenna
This is for your HT handheld radio. Several of our members use this antenna as a replacement for the antenna that came with the radio. It works extremely well and has a good SWR reading. Be sure to get the correct SMA connection for your radio, either male or female.

Dual Band VHF/UHF Portable Emergency Antenna (Rollup, good for radio go kit)
This antenna will work with either your HT, mobile or base radio and comes with several types of adapters. It has worked well and fits nicely in a go bag for emergency use.

Technician License Exam Session one-day cram session at BYU with Steve Whitehead, NV7V

Prolific USB to Comm Port Drivers for Win 7 and Win 8

These drivers are for when using radio-programming software, such as CHIRP.

Win 7:  Before downloading the zipped file below, be sure to remove the “.key” extension and replace it with “.zip”:

Prolific USB Comm Port Driver for Windows 7

Win 8:  Before downloading the zipped file below, be sure to remove the “.key” extension and replace it with “.zip”.  The 332102 version of the  PL2303 Prolific USB to Comm Port Driver is an older version of the driver.  But that is okay because it works just fine with Windows 8, as none of the newer versions of this driver will work with Windows 8.

PL2303 Prolific Windows 8 USB Comm Port Driver 332102

CHIRP Amateur Radio Programming Software

CHIRP is a free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio. It supports a large number of manufacturers and models. CHIRP’s focus is to support reading and writing the memory channels of as many radio models as possible. This provides the ability to exchange your programming information between dissimilar radios.  Here is the download page.  The Beginner’s Guide will get you going and the FAQ is helpful.  Youtube videos for Chirp radio software are also available.

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