February 25, 2016 Face-to-Face Meeting Minutes

The February 25, 2016 DHRA monthly Face-to-Face meeting was opened by Tom Zane, AF7TE, President of the DHRA.  An introduction of all attending was part of the opening on Tom’s agenda.  Tom  also shared and handed out a survey for attendees to fill out about what we would like to see presented at our monthly meetings.  Eric Hansen, KG7WHZ, the DHRA’s new Licensing & Education Coordinator, called for suggestions on what members would like to hear for training items on the weekly nets, and Tom responded that the survey should also help out with that.  Eric will be setting this survey up to be communicated to the DHRA membership for response.  In Joe Costello’s absence (WH6QV, DHRA Net Coordinator), Mary Turton, KC9APG, reminded all of the need for help with running Net Control.


Thursday, April 21, 2016 Great Utah Shakeout annual event and the DHRA’s participation in that.  This event begins at 10:15am.  A half hour later, the DHRA will open an official tactical net to pass traffic.  Joe Costello, and Steve Decho, KE6FX, will be conducting the net at City Hall at a designated Command Post location, and Mary Turton will be acting as scribe.  Tom called for 5 DHRA volunteers to help out for calling/checking in from designated locations to be announced.  Tom’s plans for the DHRA’s involvement with the City in this event has been discussed with and approved by the City of Draper and the Salt Lake County ARES group with which the DHRA is affiliated.  Tom commented that we will only have a tactical net, and not a resource net or command net.  Carmen Roark, KE7YKJ, asked for an explanation of what these three nets are, and Tom replied that a tactical net is for the passing of traffic, the resource net is for members to check in on a different frequency, and a command net is for leaders to talk to each other on yet another frequency.

Meeting Content:

Two items were part of this evening’s meeting:  the value of a good antenna for HTs, and a show and tell of antennas.

Tom Zane gave the overhead representation by projector on a screen about the value of good antennas  was given by Tom Zane.  Major points:

1.  Physical Handling of your HT:  stand still, speak/talk ‘across’ the mic, keep the antenna pointed to the sky, and stay out of the car (if you can).
2.  Find the ‘sweet spot’ in your home.
3.  Get up a little higher.
4.  Low to moderate priced solutions, among which were:
a.  replace the default rubber duck that comes with your HT (can be done for as little as $12 with 3db gain)
b.  add a correct length tiger tail for counterpoise (correct measurements can be found by researching this on the internet).
c.  connect the radio to an external mounted antenna.

Show & Tell:

Mavis Glad, KF7QVR, demonstrated her magnetic pie pan for mounting a magmount antenna.  She also showed the magmount antenna that is being purchased by City Hall to be placed in the 9 CERT trailers, being stored on a middle shelf in each until needed during an event.  Users would need to purchase their own respective adaptive connectors to be able to use the magmount antennas with their HT’s.  Kelly Stevens, KG7ZUK, comments that ‘kits’ are available with various connectors, to which Tom Zane replied that they are very expensive, like $100, otherwise connectors can be about $3 apiece.  Mary Turton demonstrated her 300 ohm TV wire dualband jpole antenna that was scotchtaped down to a 10-ft. wood molding stick for a very portable antenna and the PVC pipe mast and stand to hold it that Ben Hunter, N7TOW, made.  She has used this antenna set up every summer at the DHRA Emergency Communications booth at the Draper Annual Safety Days in the Park in August, using weights (4 small barbells, and two sandbag ankle weights) to hold down the stand so that it did not blow down in the wind or fall over.

It was a very interesting and informative meeting.  Attendees represented 3 districts in Draper as follows:

Corner Canyon
Tom Zane, AF7TE
April Zane, KF7RKS
Thomas L. Zane – Guest
Mavis Glad, KF7QVR
Jim Graham, KG7FET
Carmen Roark, KE7YKJ
Kelly Stevens, KG7ZUK

Hidden Valley
Nate Burr, N8BIR

Steve Riska, KE5BAD
Mary Turton, KC9APG
Eric Hansen, KG7WHZ

11 total in attendance.  The meeting concluded at 7:55pm.

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