Net for February 18, 2016 on the 447.100- repeater, PL tone of 100

The net was opened at 8:30pm with Joe Costello, WH6QV, as Net Control.

The Training Item was given by Eric Hansen, KG7WHZ, about antenna maintenance outdoors during high winds and a caution for safety.

Announcements by Joe:

–Net Controls operators are needed — this is how we practice using our radio skills in the event of a real emergency.
–The DHRA Officers are looking to appoint a Membership Coordinator to handle the DHRA membership database and if you are interested in this position, please contact one of the officers.
–Next week’s February monthly face-to-face meeting at 7pm to be held at the Eastridge Stake Center at 1187 East Draper Parkway (12300 S), which is east of and next door to the Treehouse Athletic Club.  And that our next net will be held Thursday, Mar. 3rd, at 8:30pm.

14 operators checked in as follows:

Corner Canyon:
Mavis, KF7QVR
Steve, KE6FX

Crescent View
Clark, KF7PUD
Rocky, KA7EII

Steve, WA7ONQ

no check-ins

Hidden Valley
no check-ins

no check-ins

Mountain Point
Sue, AF7NG
Dave, N4DSZ

River View
no check-ins

South Mountain

Joe, WH6QV
Mary, KC9APG
Stan, KG7SFI
Brady, KG7TKE
Eric, KG7WHZ

Non-Draper District members
no check-ins


The net closed at 8:43pm

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