About the DHRA

Draper Ham Radio Association (DHRA) — preparing to serve with emergency communications in and around the City of Draper, Utah.

We hold a weekly directed public safety net every Thursday night, 8:30pm MT.

  • Primary Frequency:  447.100- PL tone 100 Hz
  • Backup Frequency:  447.100 Simplex

Excepting holidays and the fourth Thursday of the month when we have our monthly face-to-face meeting at City Hall at 7:00pm.

Our goal is to practice using our equipment and improving our radio skills in the event of a real emergency to serve the City of Draper’s ten emergency preparedness districts.

Watch this blog for the latest info on meetings, nets and the repeater.



The following DHRA board positions were filled at the face-to-face meeting on Feb. 27, 2020:

President  – Eric Hansen, KG7WHZ              Vice President – Steve Decho, KE6FX

Many thanks to all who attended, and to our outgoing president and vice president, Tom Zane and Mavis Glad, respectively, for their years of dedicated and tireless service to Draper and the DHRA.



4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I have a bran spanking new Yeasu model 2700/3700? mobile or base 2 meter radio still in box and under warranty with a moble magnetic antenna that I would like to sell for $180.00

  2. Today I was assisting Stan Colby in during the “Shakeout” drill, as his scribe. I noticed one thing that I think you should change.

    You kept referring to Corner Canyon High School as “Draper High School”. This should change. You should refer to the high school using the actual name.of said high school because Juan Diego High is also within the Draper City limits. Using the term “Draper High School” is misleading and confusing.


    Bob Berrett
    email: bob@berrett.org

    • Thanks, Bob — very good point! And this is important, as Juan Diego High School is one of the backup locations for a Draper City EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

      I will pass this on to the Board for findings and learnings from this experience. We are open to any other thoughts you may have on this drill.

      Mary Turton, KC9APG – Secretary, Draper Ham Radio Association

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